2021.12.03 03:42 Vast-Inevitable-9778 Multiplayer

Anyone feel like the game types and maps are chosen opposite to the challenges given to you on purpose
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2021.12.03 03:42 Easy_Sherbert_2321 Shiba Lambo | Next BSC GEM | 7% SHIBA Rewards | Less than 1hours old | Low Marketcap 💎 | Safe Contract ✅ | Renounced and Locked | Dont Miss Out

Missed out on Shiba Inu ? Shiba Lambo will soon be the newest and hottest meme coin on the Binance Smart Chain. What are you waiting for? Come along for the ride and don’t be left in the dust!
Here we are introducing the next 100x Gem token. Shiba Lambo is the perfect low market cap gem for meme coin investors looking for a moonshot.
Shiba Lambo aims to create a community that can reap the benefits of the increasing interest in the crypto market. Inspiring to be a successful, community-driven project, Shiba Lambo is ready to be your latest moonshot.
Backed by well known influencers in the cryptosphere, Shiba Lambo is here to stay and make new waves! Join our Telegram and learn what we’re all about.
Let's build a community so we can all get a lambo! Which color do you prefer? 🔴🟠🟡🟢🔵🟣⚫️⚪️🟤 Join our Telegram to be part of the next x100 moonshot 🚀
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🔥 Contract Renounced
💯 Big Marketing Budget = Moonshot guaranteed!
Verified Contract: 0xed55bb523961875c1324d227f964d992a3b13574
Buy Now:
LP Locked:
Renounced Ownership:
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2021.12.03 03:42 Avocado_Amrit Amrit

Amrit submitted by Avocado_Amrit to ontheledgeandshit [link] [comments]

2021.12.03 03:42 ahisma3l Instagram safety: Tips and Tricks

Instagram safety: Tips and Tricks submitted by ahisma3l to Instagram [link] [comments]

2021.12.03 03:42 peeping_somnambulist TIFU by not watching my dog's back while she took a dump

Obligatory this happened a few days ago. So for those of you who own dogs, you may have noticed that they tend to look in your direction and make eye contact when they go poop. According to Reddit, making eye contact while pooping is a way to show dominance. But I didn't believe that my little dog was making some sort of aggressive gesture towards me.
I looked it up on YouTube, which unlike Reddit, only contains 100% truthful information. The videos that I watched said that dogs are vulnerable while pooping, so they look at you to make sure you're watching their back. This made more sense, so I filed it away with all of the other useless facts that I have learned on the internet.
Well, the other day we were at the park with a few other dogs, when my girl's time came. She got into her little squat pose to do her business. And per the usual, she made eye contact with me. I gave her the obligatory 'good girl' nod she was expecting and up until then, it was turning out to be a pretty routine, uneventful poop.
This is where I fucked up. I took my eye off of her for a split second, to reach into my doggy-fanny pack thing to grab a poop bag. In that moment, a huge dog of some kind galloped across the park, apparently chasing something and knocked my tiny best friend over before she had finished. The poor thing didn't know what to do. She couldn't decide to finish pooping or run, so she ended up scoot-running in the squat position directly towards me, while yelping me.
The look of betrayal on her little face as she ran towards me broke my heart. I swear I saw her lip quivering as she mouthed 'I thought you always had my back' at me. I had one job and I failed.
TL;DR I betrayed my dog by taking my eye off of her for a second while she pooped.
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2021.12.03 03:42 Yankii_Souru An interview with Ayaka

This is about a month old, but I haven't seen it posted here yet.
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2021.12.03 03:42 jeffisnotmyrealname What you see leaving my room

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2021.12.03 03:42 TheCultOfSolar I been coming back to this pretty often 🥰

I been coming back to this pretty often 🥰 submitted by TheCultOfSolar to CityGurlzUp [link] [comments]

2021.12.03 03:42 OffGridHuskies My anxious dog attacks my other dogs when they growl or bark, even when they are playing. How can I help?

My boyfriend and his 3 y/o shepherd/lab mix have recently moved in with me and my pack of huskies. Everyone gets along great and they all love each other, sleep together, and play all the time. But the shepherd has a pretty severe case of anxiety, especially separation anxiety from my boyfriend and she's starting to get it with me too, although if one of us is home with her she is usually ok. But she has started to get very reactive to noise from other dogs, like growls or barks, which the huskies do all the time for play or anything really (they are very vocal). She has taken to barking mad and even lunging at them and grabbing the "offender" as if guarding the other dog that is getting growled at, but she does not discriminate, she's doing it to anyone that makes those "noises". I know we should consult a vet and maybe consider medication for her but my boyfriend is hard to convince (he's from a different culture). Im looking for some advice in the meantime while I try to get a professional consultation. She hasn't hurt anyone yet but im worried that she can, and I love her to pieces i don't want her to be this way. Thanks in advance, I really appreciate any help.
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2021.12.03 03:42 5aminvan How is this fair? I just bought trickster and this was my 3rd game using him

How is this fair? I just bought trickster and this was my 3rd game using him submitted by 5aminvan to deadbydaylight [link] [comments]

2021.12.03 03:42 nanawhite1071 38.99$ Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment with Self Cleaning Dual Nozzle Nebulastone Non-Electric Bidet Spray with Adjustable Pressure Control for Sanitary and Feminine Wash,Easy to Install for US!

38.99$ Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment with Self Cleaning Dual Nozzle Nebulastone Non-Electric Bidet Spray with Adjustable Pressure Control for Sanitary and Feminine Wash,Easy to Install for US! submitted by nanawhite1071 to ReviewRequests [link] [comments]

2021.12.03 03:42 bakedcheddar61 Should I mark my content "For kids" or "Not for kids?"

Hi everyone. I want to start making gameplay videos on YouTube where I play Mario related games (for example: Mario Kart, Mario Party, etc.) without any commentary (for now anyway). I made a video of me playing Mario Party 4, but there's no commentary or facecam. I've read that if one marks their videos as "For kids" that views will be limited and comments will be disabled and I don't want the comments on my videos to be disabled. I want people to be able to comment on my videos and give me feedback about my gameplay.
I've also read that if one marks their content as "Not for kids" when it looks like it could be made for kids (since Mario related games look like they could be made for kids) that they might be fined by COPPA which I don't want to happen to me.
I've also read that marking one's content either one depends on their intended audience so I don't know what to believe. I need some advice. Thanks!
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2021.12.03 03:42 scy1he_ How do I make the icons of the programs I moved to another workstation disappear on taskbar.

I want to it only reappear when I move to that desktop
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2021.12.03 03:42 Impossible-Bad-8551 Shiba Whales💸 stealth Launch in 10 minutes Liquidity will be locked and ownership is renounced, Join Early!!

Our vision is to make Shiba Whales the most valuable and most rewarding token for holders and for users to earn benefits.
Shiba Whales is a project that enables both commercial organizations and non-profit ventures to get exposure for his or her services, products, or initiatives through natural social marketing campaigns that are operated by the creative power of a worldwide community influencers, marketing professionals, and almost anyone with a web presence that desires to participate during a democratized marketing campaign.
The team will be renouncing ownership of the contract this will take all powers away from the developer to interact with the contract. As well as renunciation the liquidity will be locked, this showing investors the team and token dynamic is here for the long term.
Liquidity Will be locked .
Ownership will be renounced
Great marketing and collaboration
Total supply: 1,000,000,000
50% intial burn
5% liquidity
3% Marketing
2% tax
2% buyback
Ownership will be renounced
Slippage buy-sell : 7%
🌎 Contract Address: 0x5CaAC84Bef9e2AeC104F3764598174aE08a5ee0B
🌎 Pancakeswap:
🌎Renounced Ownership:
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2021.12.03 03:42 Aeldergoth Did the Tartare at Peche

It was the most popular answer, very a la mode, if you'll forgive the stats pun. Liked it, almost loved it, but it was not quite what I was looking for. It's very dressed up, with an oyster aioli. It was very, *very* good, but I was looking for a more traditional "minced beef, pepper, onion, capers, and a quail egg on top."
So now to find a place that does a more traditional tartare, bonus points for tableside preparation.
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2021.12.03 03:42 Mammoth_Tomatillo616 13F looking for friends

I just switched to online school due to my severe anxiety, would anyone want to be friends? I find it hard to socialize irl so I'm desperate for someone online, we can show our faces if u want to verify it's me ok baiiii
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2021.12.03 03:42 jetanamanonae วิธีเล่นเกมคาสิโนออนไลน์สไตล์เซียนมาเก๊า (How to play casino online in Macao expert style) |

โปรแกรมอันดับ1 เว็บนี้ ล้วนแล้วแต่แบ่งปันกลเม็ดที่เซียนนำไปใช้งานจริงและประสบผลสำเร็จในการเดิมพันซึ่งเป็นวิธีเล่นเกมคาสิโนออนไลน์สไตล์เซียนมาเก๊า (How to play casino online in Macao expert style) โดยเนื้อหาแบ่งปันอ่านได้เป็นร้อยๆหน้าเลยทีเดียว
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2021.12.03 03:42 WaterL0gged i bought this at a rock show ut i dont remember the name of it. guy said he got it from a copper mine in the middle east?

i bought this at a rock show ut i dont remember the name of it. guy said he got it from a copper mine in the middle east? submitted by WaterL0gged to whatsthisrock [link] [comments]

2021.12.03 03:42 Low-Contribution9452 Has anyone experienced different PDT rules with RH than the published FINRA guidelines?

My first ever investing post but this just really bugs me and has cost me money. Also, it’s not meant to be “account” related. I’m seeking more information on where I made an error. Long story short, portfolio is under 25k and over a five day period, I had 4 day trades out of a total of 119 total trades. This puts my total percentage of day trades at 3.36%. Well below the 6% requirement set by FINRA. RH guidelines reflect the same requirements. Has anyone experienced RH still restricting day trading? RH indicates the FINRA rules are a minimum and RH can choose to have stricter rules.
Has anyone experienced this with RH or can you help me understand my error? The only reasoning I could get is we have the right to be stricter and we aren’t making an exception. I don’t understand why an exception is needed if I didn’t violate FINRA guidelines or RH posted guidelines.
I’m seeking actual information so I don’t make the mistake again. I track all my trades and I knew that 4th trade would still place me under the 6% so it really surprised me to find out I was restricted from day trading.
Thanks and happy trading!!
Pasted straight from RH: You’ll be considered a pattern day trader if you execute 4 or more day trades within 5 trading days, provided that the number of day trades represents more than 6% of your total trades within your margin account for that same 5 trading day period.
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2021.12.03 03:42 SAtechnewsbot Industry warns of December alcohol restrictions as it launches new court challenge

Industry warns of December alcohol restrictions as it launches new court challenge submitted by SAtechnewsbot to SAtechnews [link] [comments]

2021.12.03 03:42 epicfailnoway It's clear that Beast Morphers is the direct sequel to RPM. Now, what if Go-Onger and Go-Busters were connected to each other's universe?

It's clear that Beast Morphers is the direct sequel to RPM. Now, what if Go-Onger and Go-Busters were connected to each other's universe?
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2021.12.03 03:42 mitsu_mitch Original Character maid i did

Original Character maid i did submitted by mitsu_mitch to AnimeSketch [link] [comments]

2021.12.03 03:42 andrigamerita Nlhtehdo (special cartridge)

Nlhtehdo (special cartridge) submitted by andrigamerita to Nlhlehde [link] [comments]

2021.12.03 03:42 Interesting-Gas-7566 Doge🐕Bonk 🏏 - We are the anti-meme dog, meme dog token. Contract Renounced / LP Burned / 🔥BURN wallet 🔥

not another Uniswap clone,
no useless NFTs,
no roadmap,
no fake promises,
just BONK memes 🏏
We're honest with you.
DogeBonk is the most memeable project in the crypto space.
Not convinced? Google "Doge Bonk" and look at the images 😊
We've got the best community, the best memes, the best energy.
We're on a mission to bonk all other meme tokens - and you can join us for this ride! 🤘
Our community is constantly organizing raids, doing marketing and designing memes 🚀
We went from $2000 market cap to $6m market cap within 3 days, and currently on a dip!
This is going to go parabolic just because of the sheer force behind it 🔥
Is DogeBonk safe?
Liquidity was locked forever by burning all LP tokens 🔥
Ownership of the contract was renounced.
Contract is a 1:1 copy of SafeMoon which was audited by Certik.
Top holder owns only 0% of the supply.
10% tax on all transactions:
8% are distributed to fellow DOBO holders,
2% are added to liquidity to create an ever rising price floor.
Contract address: 0x21ede9b04cd2abc8ce2023175c3dba0a53778bbd
Renounced Ownership:
LP Locked:
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2021.12.03 03:42 EvanDeadlySins Pre NJPW Best of the Super Juniors 28 Day 8 Discussion Thread: El Desperado vs. YOH

Start Time

Pacific USA Eastern USA UK Central Europe Japan East Australia
Dec 3 1:30AM Dec 3 4:30AM Dec 3 9:30AM Dec 3 10:30AM Dec 3 6:30PM Dec 3 8:30PM
Match Notes Time Limit
Ryohei Oiwa vs. Kosei Fujita Singles Match 10
Master Wato [4] vs. Yoshinobu Kanemaru [8] BOSJ 28 Match 30
Robbie Eagles [6] vs. DOUKI [4] BOSJ 28 Match 30
BUSHI [6] vs. Taiji Ishimori [8] BOSJ 28 Match 30
SHO [12] vs. El Phantasmo [6] BOSJ 28 Match 30
Ryusuke Taguchi [8] vs. Hiromu Takahashi [7] BOSJ 28 Match 30
YOH [6] vs. El Desperado [9] BOSJ 28 Match 30
SHO 12
El Desperado 9
Ryusuke Taguchi, Yoshinobu Kanemaru, Taiji Ishimori 8
Hiromu Takahashi 7
Robbie Eagles, YOH, BUSHI, El Phantasmo 6
Master Wato, DOUKI 4
Useful Links
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