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Microsoft store not working Error Code: 0x80131500

2022.01.28 18:54 WeeabooStudio Microsoft store not working Error Code: 0x80131500

My Microsoft store has been broken for ages and i don't know how to fix it, my internet is just fine, i can run everything fine and my internet has zero issues anyone know how to fix?
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2022.01.28 18:54 Fireislander [759th tweeter] coyotes new arena looks nice

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2022.01.28 18:54 cherrii-blxssxm Do your rabbits mind the piano?

Just wondering because I'm getting a bunny soon and I play the piano every morning so would it frighten them or stress them out?
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2022.01.28 18:54 idspispopd A War Only America & Britain Seem to Want

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2022.01.28 18:54 Kagerou_Daze My first Corvette

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2022.01.28 18:54 Lonely-Wanderer_fo3 CrossFit+Gym?

Hello Everyone. I am a 18 year student and I want to ask you some advice. In my school they are giving CrossFit classes twice a weak (Monday and Wednesday), so I was thinking going to the gym the other days (Tuesday and Thursday) .¿Do you think it´s a good idea or my muscles would need to rest more? Thank you :D . (Sorry about my writing, I´m from Mexico and it sometimes difficult to write in English, but I´m doing my best hahaha). Greetings!
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2022.01.28 18:54 Gaganplus 23 M, Just wanna talk to someone.

I just want to talk to someone. Thanks.
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2022.01.28 18:54 Call-Me-Pearl getkey site down? can't get a krnl key. went through so many linkverises for ntohing

getkey site down? can't get a krnl key. went through so many linkverises for ntohing
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2022.01.28 18:54 Mindful_Reader Microsoft Word footnote number formatting.

I'm hoping someone can help me with this. The footnote numbering format is set to roman numerals. When I change it to numbers, it applied to the current document but any new documents reverts back to roman numerals. Is there any way to change the default? I'm changing it through the lower left button under References -> Footnotes
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2022.01.28 18:54 VampireBat754 Florence Pugh, Billie Eilish, Thomasin McKenzie

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2022.01.28 18:54 SatisfactionSimple19 Lucid dreaming while stuck in sao

So if you fell asleep in the nerve gear and had a lucid dream or you had an out of body experience, would you be in aincrad? Or the real world?
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2022.01.28 18:54 carlyclue The DC brand is starting to heal back

It’s anecdotal evidence but I have noticed that people at my school here in Austin, TX are talking about DC more in a positive way. Suicide Squad, Peacemaker, Joker and the upcoming The Batman have done wonders for the DC brand. People were neutral on The Snyder cut. It came and went. Don’t worry, brethren, we’re powering up.
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2022.01.28 18:54 mechanismnice 11" tall: taking advantage of the whole print bed :)

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2022.01.28 18:54 xForseen Why was the Ninguang skin censorship post removed?

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2022.01.28 18:54 greenblue98 GOP lawmaker admits that “the whole point of” religious exemptions is to allow discrimination

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2022.01.28 18:54 Black_UwU Soy youtuber (le intento xd), pregunten lo que quieran ✨ ama

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2022.01.28 18:54 pReaL420 Frantic in Fresno: The Search for Joe, and how I've spent the last week of my life.

I've never taken so many fucking screen shots in my LIFE!!! This is the story of how I spent the last week or so, and how I got involved in one of the craziest situations in my entire life. I've made life long friends, life long enemies, and it all takes place on my phone. I'm going to change the names of most people involved other then myself, and another person, but I'll get there eventually. This will be long, and honestly, it really hasn't ended yet. The events are on-going as of today, Friday January 28th 2022. I have screen shots (SS) of MOST of the things I'll be talking about, including conversations. I am going to have to break this up into parts, because it's just so much.
So I'll start where my involvement began. It's Friday, January 21st, 2022. I'm just hanging out at home playing GTA Online. I walk into my submarine to load into a Cayo Perico run. My system is last Gen, so my load times are a little long. I had been reading the comments on a story about a missing man I first saw on my tiny little communities Facebook page. While waiting to load in, I pick up my phone and check on any "breaking developments" in the case. It was about a 27 year old man named Joe. I click on the post made my his 26 year old wife, Rene, and read.
Joe had been gone for 50+ days. Last seen on November 24th 2021 getting on to Hwy 99 north headed to Fresno. His co-worker stated Joe mentioned he was going to go do some early Christmas shopping, and head home. He had worked that day putting up solar panels in Dinuba, California then had lunch with his co-worker at a burger spot in Goshen, about 20 miles south. He never made it home. There was a Go-Fund-Me put up in December asking for help giving their 6 kids a nice Christmas, since Joe was the sole provider. $1200 was raised.
Rene wasn't getting much help from the detective, or the Fresno Police Department in general. This didn't surprise me, FPD is HARD, their environment is HARD, and while Fresno may not be the worst place on Earth, anyone that's spent significant time there knows it's not pretty. At this point I'm interested.
So I'm reading through the comments. Most are encouraging and sympathetic. Typical Facebook stuff, but a few catch my attention. I am, admittedly, not the type of guy that just goes along with the narrative. I like to ask questions, and hear others opinions on how they see the situation, regardless of what the situation is. One guy, let's call him Mike, is saying a lot of shit others aren't saying. It's like he has some inside information on what's going on. Apparently, the time-line of what happened had changed and according to him, evidence and information were being withheld.
There was another person commenting that got my attention. Ella seemed VERY interested in this as well, saying Rene gave her "Chris Watts" vibes. She was making some very outrageous statements, but people were eating it up, and piling on. At this point, I was invested.
Mike had made a very good point about the time-line. He explained, that the first flyer Rene destributed had November 26th at a bar in Fresnos Tower District as his last known location. The most recent one, made by Joe's aunt, said November 24th and Christmas shopping. Obviously, this raised some eyebrows. He then said something like, "Rene hasn't even said everything found in that car." At this point I'm all in. I ask a question I can't even remember on that comment. Not 5 minutes later, I receive a direct message (DM) from Mike. What I read cements the deal, there's no turning back now.
I begin having a conversation with Mike about the situation. He tells me about Joe and Renes relationship a little, and how Rene has been acting funny ever since Joe's disappearance. According to him, Joe is a babyfaced alcoholic, and the fact that he left his ID made no sense. He says Rene and her grandfather found Joe's car, but she had people out searching for it for another 2 weeks. He also tells me Joe's shoes, his wallet, and a slip of paper with a phone number on it were found inside. His cell phone was also found, and the sim card had been removed and left in the car. Only the wallet and phone was known information, and people thought the sim card was taken from the car. I was hooked. I had to verify this information somehow...that phone number IS this case.
Around this same time, I reached out to Ella. Turns out, she runs a true crime Facebook group. She invites me to the group, and we begin throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks. By this point my sole focus in life was finding Joe. I needed everything I could get my hands on. I needed conversations about the situation. I needed facts, I needed details. This seemed like the place for that. Then mud-slinging started once the group looked into Renes other social media accounts. Twitter? No mention of Joe. Instagram? Nothing before he went missing, 1 flier after. It's like this guy didn't even exist until he disappeared. What the fuck is going on? I go to sleep that night with Joe on my mind.
I wake up and start my usual routine. I notice, there are quite a few more notifications then usual on FB. There had been a lot of heated back and forth between Renes friends and the group. I grab my coffee, sit down, and begin to read. I start asking questions about the bar, in particular, among other inconsistencies. I also began slipping in hints that I know they found more in the car then what's being said. I also try to make the point, that the goal is to find Joe, not to convict Rene. Eventually, I start getting more DMs. From Ella, from Mike, and from someone I hadn't yet talked to. Her name will be Rachel.
Rachel had been reading my comments and questions. She felt the same as me. We needed to find this man, and something is off with the wife. Also like me, Rachel wanted facts. They were VERY important to her and I respected that. She wasn't into drama, and I saw no mud-slinging coming from her. We begin DMing back and forth trying to figure out this jumbled mess of a case. I wanted to see this footage of Joe in the bar I was hearing about, to prove that was his last known location. Rachel agreed that we needed a time-line that was 100% accurate if we stood any chance at finding this man. It's been around 55 days at this point. It wasn't looking good.
I also started talking to another random person we will call Ashley. She is into this kind of stuff, and her personal profile is dedicated to it. I respected that immediately. She was researching and writing about the Daniel Robinson disappearance, but this situation had caught her eye. I hadn't seen any mud-slinging from Ashley either, so I trusted her as well. That night, we started a group chat together. Ashley, Rachel, and myself. We weren't sure Ella was in it for the right reasons, so we held off on inviting her to join us. This chats sole purpose was to find Joe. Anything and everything would be discussed.
Ella had been sensationalizing it ALL day. Then someone commented to her how Rene couldn't be too worried about finding Joe, being that she was cuddled up with HER baby daddy. WHAAAAAAAT?!? Was this true? I had to find out for myself. That's motive. Sleep did not come easy on this night. My mind was racing...
I wake up on day 3 to a message from one of Renes friends, Lucy. She had been commenting on Renes behalf the day prior, and she wanted to know why I am talking like I know more about this than anyone else. At this point, I had several theories. Rachel, Ashely, and I had been racking our brains on this for the better part of the last 12 hours in our private chat. I tell her I know what they found in the car. I mention the shoes and the phone number, trying to get her to confirm it's existence. Lucy comes right out and tells me "Yes, Rene told me about that AND Rene CALLED that number." I hadn't been talking about that phone number, because it could not be proven. I had hinted at it's existence, and of other items found in the car, but never said what. She just confirmed it, AND gave me more information. I thanked her.
I then sent a DM to the woman that made the claim about the baby daddy. Let's call her Mary. I ask, point blank, "is what you said about Rene true?" She replied almost immediately, "Yes" and then began telling me how they had been seeing each other since before Joe disappeared, and had already introduced thier kids to each other. It was huge!! Rene had denied seeing ANYONE since Joe disappeared, but this didn't prove Rene was lying. The screen shot Mary sent me next, did. Her exes phone with a text from Rene. His contact for her had three hearts next to it. She gives me permission to post our conversation, so I post everything to the group.
It was like throwing chum into a school of starving sharks. It was a frenzy. The entire group began ripping into Rene like she was a bone-in ribeye steak. They wanted Rene arrested and questioned. My theory wasn't fully hashed out, but it was coming together. One of two things happened to Joe in my opinion. He overdosed, or he was killed. There had been talk that Joe used M, but nothing concrete. I needed more information about that number. Who's number was it? Mike had said it was a female's in one of our earlier conversations, and I believed him. He didn't lie about its existence, why lie about the details? What was said on that fucking call? Was she threatened? There was only 1 person that could answer that question, Rene herself. So I got myself together, and wrote her a very heartfelt message. In it, I explain that I am not trying to ruin her life, I just want to help find her husband. If I had kids, they would be about Joe and Renes age. I also know that area well, being a child of divorce, and going from mother to father all of the time. Fresno was one of my homes, and Tower District, one of my "hoods". I explain that her inconsistencies are making everyone believe she has something to do with it. Then, I ask about that number. I ask if she called it, I asked if she was threatened. I tell her, "If you called that number, and they threatened you and your kids, then everything confusing about this gets a lot less confusing" I thank her for her time, and press send.
About 30 minutes later, I get a reply: "Show me the SS" I send a SS of the conversation with Lucy that confirmed the existence of the number. "Not that one" she says, "I've seen that one." I tell her that I'm sorry, but I am not willing to share that information with her. I had promised Mike that I wouldn't let anyone know he told me about it. She gets angry and tells me she won't talk to me if that's the case. I thank her for her time, and promise not to post SS of our conversation. I then go back to Rachel and Ashely, and tell them what just happened. That conversation threw me for a loop. All Rene seemed to care about was exposing my source. To me, that meant all Rene cared about was Rene. I barely sleep that night. I'm in WAY over my head. What the fuck did you get yourself into P?
The next day started slow. I relayed what I'd learned to Ella. She ate it up. Rachel also informed me Rene had reached out to her. The group post was getting more attention then anything that group had ever posted. Ella seemed to love every second of it. Hundereds of comments, over a thousand reactions. She had found the baby daddy, we'll call him Bob, and was blasting his info to the group. The "tea" as she called it, was brewing. I was starting to question her motives, but was hyper focused on what I felt was my job now, finding Joe.
Rachel tells our private chat that Rene has asked her to smoothe things over with the group. By the time the afternoon rolls in, the frenzy hadn't slowed down. It got to the point where Renes' grandfather joined to answer questions for his granddaughter. It was honestly one of the bravest things I've ever seen online. That group had turned into a lions den, and Rene was the meal. Somehow, he won the group over, and even Ella herself demanded they show him respect. Around this time, Rachel began posting Renes answers to the groups questions. It was then, I started asking the grandfather the tough stuff.
I ask about the bar on the 26th, and eventually, he answers, "Yes, Joe was there." Nice! Is there video? "Yes." Ok NOW we're getting somewhere, I think to myself. Then, I throw the phone number at him. His answer hit me like a rock to the face. "That's not something that should be talked about in public." My main theory at this point was Joe may have tried to fuck the wrong guys lady. Rene had more holes in her story then Swiss cheese, but Rachel had cleared a lot of that up in her post.
Joe had problems. He's a alcoholic, and he dabbles in M. He's known to take off for a few days at a time, as Rene doesn't allow M use in their home. She withheld that thinking FPD would take the case more serious, but it had the opposite effect. They are impoverished, barely scraping by, and they live with her grandfather in a single wide mobile home. 3 grown adults and 6 kids!! Sadly, this isn't uncommon in Fresno. She also tells how the time-line had got mixed up. Joe's aunt made the second flyer and put the last time Rene had contact with Joe, on the 24th, as his last known location, not mentioning he was on camera in Tower on the 26th. Adding to the confusion, a 3rd flyer, made by Joe's immediate family, started making the rounds. It was a picture of Joe, and a phone number with the word MISSING at the top. Rene had also been receiving obviously photoshopped ransom texts. They looked ridiculous, so nobody took them seriously. But, Joes sister had received what was considered a pretty credible threat from an unknown person. She talks about thier relationship, and how it has got physical on a few occasions. She also points out that Mary's baby dad, Bob, and herself had been close friends since high school, and he was related to one of her children, so of course the kids had already met. She spilled her guts to this group.
While Rachel is clearing all this up, I send the grandfather a DM. Maybe we can talk about that number privately? I begin very respectfully, apologizing for not taking his granddaughters feelings into account in my findings. He obviously is not happy with me, but the conversation is very cordial, and respectful. He won't talk about that number though, so I ask him if I can bluntly tell him what I think happened to Joe. He agrees. I tell him I believe the husband of the woman on that number may have "disappeared" Joe. He immediately responds, "Rene is willing to tell you everything, can I send you her phone number?" I'm SHOCKED. I tell him I will talk to her, but I will not tell her how I know what I know. Protecting my source was very, very important to me. She agrees. I tell him to "shoot it" and he sends me her number. As I'm clicking it, I think twice about using my actual phone number to talk to someone that very well may be involved in a homicide. So instead, I call her on FB messenger. She already knew my name, she HATES me, and I'm her #1 enemy. She answers immediately. 3 and a half hours later, I have all the answers.
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2022.01.28 18:54 BoomHeadShop hope everyone is having a great Friday! we are running a giveaway for a Ryan Fitt Recycler on IG (link in comments)

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2022.01.28 18:54 DarkUrGe19 State Seeks Death Penalty for Parents Accused of ‘Especially Heinous’ Murder of Adopted Daughter Found Skeletonized in Burned Attic

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2022.01.28 18:54 screm404 this dumbass is under 18 and is chronically online i guarantee you

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2022.01.28 18:54 myrmekochoria A scout of the 325th 'Dvina' Infantry Division, Guard Sergeant Alexey Frolchenko (1905-1967), who was awarded the Order of the Red Star for his action at the Battle of Kursk.

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2022.01.28 18:54 Kevg1111 Cheers Apes, we know it’s coming!!

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2022.01.28 18:54 Eireconnection Saw this on Spacebook

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2022.01.28 18:54 Prestigious_Guano Why does NASA want to deflate spacecraft tires?

Hey everyone, saw a post in robotics of a cute robot with a drill bit attached, that’s used by NASA to “depressurise” space craft tires. Why would they have the need to/want to do this? TIA!
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