Artificial Nightmares : Sifu Splinter || DD PYTTI VQGAN AI Art Video [4K 60 FPS]

2022.01.28 19:03 Thenamessd Artificial Nightmares : Sifu Splinter || DD PYTTI VQGAN AI Art Video [4K 60 FPS]

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2022.01.28 19:03 Snoopydog63 Advice

Currently my wife and I have only a Grandpup.And we LOVE HER!Shes A awesome fawn Boston with blue eyes and is such a joy to be with.Problem is we are wanting to get our own BUT we are afraid grandpup wi get jealous and act differently or attack new pup??Help😁
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2022.01.28 19:03 Charobhmiseo Dance With The Dead - Skeletons In The Attic (Ryan's Synthwave Guitar Cover)

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2022.01.28 19:03 stereo_ghost 41M - Hipster/goth/weirdo hermit seeks longterm friendship

The Basics:
Atheist, Leftists, Genderfluid.
41 years old but people often think I'm in my 20s.
Wears a lot of black and grey and purple.
Introverted in person but a great online conversationalist.
Struggles with depression but tries not to be a drag.
Embarrassed to be from the American south.
No kids of my own. Never married. Currently in a relationship, with kids.

Indiepop, Dreampop, Synthpop, Hyperpop, Chamber Pop, Art Pop, Punk, Post-Punk, Folk Punk, Electropunk, Electroclash, Electro, Goth, Industrial

Dark comedy (Ex: Todd Solondz)
Surreal comedy (Ex: Quentin Dupieux)
Idiosyncratic comedy (Ex: Wes Anderson)
Believable Sci-fi (Ex: District 9, Black Mirror)
True Crime

Other interest:
Music and counter-culture history, Youtube leftists, Third-person video games, Aliens, Marijuana, Art, Animals, Ebikes, Technology, Psychology, DIY projects and repairs, Daydreaming about being either a drifter or a homesteader, Making dad jokes

Long-term friendship.
Someone to have DAILY conversations with, preferably through FB messenger or text message. Someone who doesn't work, or works from home or generally just has a lot of free time.
Someone who will ask questions and not make me solely responsible for carrying conversations.
Someone who will message me without waiting for me to message first.
Someone who won't ghost after we start talking.
Someone who's willing to explore music WITH me. Let's dive into discographies together and talk about the music to each other.
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2022.01.28 19:03 DudicalAwesome "Your Feeble Skills Are No Match For The Power Of The Dark Side."

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2022.01.28 19:03 myscienceisbetter I am not trying to rob you

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2022.01.28 19:03 wallsk9r What's the status on the Meshuggah discography?

Anybody know?
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2022.01.28 19:03 Whats-Up_Bitches My brother is a dick

So yesterday I(16m) went to the gas station after a workout and got my self gas and a soda. After that I got home and my brother(13m) started saying how he wanted to go to the store. My dad was like "OP take him to the store" so I was like "ok". And then my brother says "but I don't have any money". So- even though my brother was already being a little dick- my dad gave him $10(unheard of amounts when I was his age) and said "you get a few 2L of soda for all of us to share," to which he said "ok". Fast forward to when we're at the store- suddenly his narrative changes to "dad told me to get one diet soda for my self and candy for myself, im not getting any for you guys". So I call my dad to reaffirm that he was- in fact- supposed to by us all diet soda. He begrudgingly accepts to do it like a politician would accept to work on roads with taxes. Like wtf that's my gas you're spending you asshat.
Fast-forward to today- I get home from school and nap until 4:30. I wake up and what do you know? We had 3 bottles when I came home- and there are drops of soda in one 2L and the rest are emptassist. I go downstairs and take the half of one that was remaining and that little mf decides to be a little piss ant and complain that he got no soda. So my dad makes me pour half of what's remaing into one cup and gives me the other half. I kid you not- he comes out with a half full liter bottle like "yea put it in here". Little shit didn't get any of that soda.
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2022.01.28 19:03 danccm1ke Why the majority of Non-Binaries dress the same and are usually ACAB?

Since I knew the Non binary identity was a thing, I've always wondered why most of the non binaries I've known have a similar look (half of their hair dyed with any colour, emo/dark clothes) and in politics and religion they support ACAB, BLM and Satanism (some non binaries) movements. I would appreciate an answer.
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2022.01.28 19:03 Ohiopuppy [US-TX] [H] Fox Labs Time 80 E-White, TX Keyboards E0-87, S Craft Gengar, TaoBao Fanoe, Infinikey Port [W] Paypal, Local Cash

Hello mech market, I am selling a few items listed below.
Fox Labs Time 80 Reforged TKL, E-White - $600 Shipped

TX Keyboards EO-87, White Acrylic, Brass Weight - $350 shipped
TaoBao PC "Fanoe" keyboard (Percent Studios Canoe Replica) - $225 Shipped
S-Craft Studios Gengar Artisan - $100 Shipped
NicePBT Sugarplum - SOLD
Infinikey Port - $80 Shipped
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2022.01.28 19:03 jess_summer11 Horse behaving strangely

Hey yall. I have a two year old filly. When we take her on a walk around her pasture, she does fine. She walks calmly, stops when asked, and if she stops she needs a gentle calling and she continues. But when we get to one corner of the pasture (back right), she becomes angry. She stops, refuses to budge, and either honks aggressively or raises her tail and poops. Usually all of the above. Then she pulls away aggressively. She does not kick or buck. It takes a minute to get her calm and then she will start walking again. It happens in the same area of the pasture every time. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening or what we can do to work on her stopping this? Thanks!
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2022.01.28 19:03 Kisyler I evolved my starter before finishing all the research tasks, oops

I'm just curious if there is any way to go back and finish all the research tasks for my starter, or did I lock myself out of it by evolving it since there doesn't seem to be a breeding mechanic in the game 🙃
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2022.01.28 19:03 Various_Variety8349 Verdão causador de depressão

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2022.01.28 19:03 captainsweeeetbeard Just need to share some gratitude

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2022.01.28 19:03 madgodtheories What will happen to Zeke in power?

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2022.01.28 19:03 Joseyana Maybe it's best viewed with no context or caption

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2022.01.28 19:03 Great_Owl_922 Caution avoided?

Long story short, I got a conditional caution last year in April. It was my first one and I worried a lot due to working in jobs that require an enhanced DBS. I still have the form I signed to accept the caution.
I started a new job this month, and I declared the caution, but when the DBS came through it said everything was completely clear with nothing recorded - no cautions, nothing.
Has this been a random fluke, a delay in processing the caution to the system, or has the charging officer not recorded it & therefore, its not shown up. I was awarded full criminal compensation this year too, with no penalty points for caution?
Is my DBS now clear forever!?
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2022.01.28 19:03 comprehensivepeach01 Help!!

I have two english bull terriers that i’d love to breed. The bitch is currently in heat and i was wondering if anyone has any advice. The male is willing to mate and so is the bitch but each time the dogs on top she rolls over (almost like she doesn’t understand).i’d love any suggestions on what i should do :)
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2022.01.28 19:03 PauloVersa The Strange and Expensive History of Olympic Stadium

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2022.01.28 19:03 violetpolkadot Sick with covid and losing progress

Hi all!
On Wednesday this week (W3) I randomly got a fever, and now I’ve tested positive for Covid. Obviously I need to pause my C25K plan, mostly because I’m too fatigued to get out of bed but also because I don’t want to make my illness worse or spread it around.
Getting Covid is depressing by itself, but I’m mostly sad to lose progress over the week or more that it may last. I am not a runner at all but I’ve managed to keep up with the plan so far. Any tips for getting back on plan after being sick? Should I go backwards and start again on week 1 or 2, or continue where I left off? Any advice appreciated!
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2022.01.28 19:03 mandelbrowser [OC] Phoenix spiral [3840x2160]

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2022.01.28 19:03 Vageyes It's over Anakin, I have the high ground

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2022.01.28 19:03 LSARefugee Nine Nashville Police Officers Open Fire on Man Armed With Boxcutter in Middle of Highway in Shocking Video

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2022.01.28 19:03 inco2018 What's the best film you've ever seen?

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2022.01.28 19:03 johnny87auxs Septum piercing crooked lol ?

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