8nt7a 649ir 6enf8 yah8f nhz59 r86n6 3kfhf fd8fn nat4h rkh3i sbtd6 tt5n8 zdh6k sbrrh 55iky y576t fiy4n ri8f2 764e3 dz4tb ak6k2 Note 9 Exynos OneUI 4 Noble Rom 2.0 |

Note 9 Exynos OneUI 4 Noble Rom 2.0

2022.01.28 20:24 realmain Note 9 Exynos OneUI 4 Noble Rom 2.0

Noble ROM just released a video saying that Noble ROM 2.0 OneUI 4 is coming soon!
I am so excited!
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2022.01.28 20:24 doctharoc Want good loot in marked rooms? Want to find GPUs, bitcoins, LEDx's? I figured out how.

So you have the random loot gen, or the server modifer, or you increased the globallootmodifer, but your marked rooms only have guns or money? I have the solution! I have been able to pull money cases, keytools, and even a weapons case. Here is how.
First, install the KMC server value modifier (https://hub.sp-tarkov.com/files/file/308-kmc-server-value-modifie). This is such a great tool for more than just loot!
Once installed, go into the mod folder and open up the GUI (GFVE.exe). Under the loot option, enable it. Now, check the boxes for override loot multipliers and allow loot points overlap.
For the chance multipliers, set them as follows and then tweak them to your liking:
Global - 4
Customs 2.5 1000
Interchange 2.5 2000
Factory day and night 1.5 100
Labs 2.0 1000
Woods 3.0 200
Shoreline 2.5 1300
Reserve 2.0 3000
Save your preset, click apply, and then on to the next step.
Now, the tricky bit. In order to get good marked rooms and top-tier loot spawns, you need to edit the items.json in the C\Aki_Data\Server\database\templates folder. Use the item id or search for the name. I recommend using the item id (go here to get them https://db.sp-tarkov.com/search/59fb042886f7746c5005a7b2). Now, let's look at the money case, for example. You need to change the spawn rate to 4-10 (or higher if you want, but too high and it will always spawn. We want it to spawn, but still be rare.) Let's say you also would like a thicc case to spawn, but it's been removed from the loot pool by bsg. Sure thing, just change rarity from Not_exist to Superrare. Easy!
For ledx and gpu, you want to change the spawn chance to 10. I find this to be just right. I have found 3 LEDx's in ultra med over a 10 raid span, which I find to be good. Again, you can make it higher or lower depending on what you want. For bitcoin, I recommend setting spawn chance to 4. Any more and they seem to be everywhere!
And that's it. It's pretty simple, but I do say this. Make a backup of vanilla, and also make a backup of your edited version. I have noticed that some mods will reset your changes. The easy way around this is to start the server, then overwrite the items.json with your version before launching the game.
Now get out there and get me a sicc case!
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2022.01.28 20:24 LucKois Joined Reddit today! Presenting LucKois and looking for people wanting to propagate luck, prosperity and good fortune!

Joined Reddit today! Presenting LucKois and looking for people wanting to propagate luck, prosperity and good fortune! LucKois are about luck, prosperity, and good fortune. We want our holders to be the advocates of these traits and values and to propagate this. Reminder: prosperity is much more than money!
You can visit us at www.luckois.com and view pool 1 of our collection at https://opensea.io/collection/luckois.
We would like to find like-minded persons and gift them the first pool - the price? Just tell us what makes you a worthy holder of a LucKoi and what are your endeavors to propagate luck, prosperity, and good fortune on a daily base!
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2022.01.28 20:24 thebottom55555 Which high better dobbins or Randolph

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2022.01.28 20:24 triplehoppsbrew3 Picked up a Lowside today! 10/10 would recommend.

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2022.01.28 20:24 BountyHunterGTA How long does it take to amend a 2021 tax return via e-file on TurboTax?

I filed my tax refund last week and recently received a W2 from a job I had earlier in the year 2021 and I completely forgot that they was sending me one so I didn’t add it. If they IRS doesn’t catch the missing income and correct it I may have to amend. I know that if you do it by mail it takes forever. Anybody have experience E-filing an amended tax return?
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2022.01.28 20:24 oldmansilver7319 It is in our interest to be cheering on the corrupt bullion banks.

Every time we get one of these end of month options expiry artificial and irrational price takedowns, we should be applauding and thankful for the brazenness of the bullion banks. Everyone knows what they are going to do, they still do it and by now it surprises no one. The reason we should be cheering them on is that they are bringing forward the timeline of their ultimate demise.
We are already dealing with the most under valued asset on the planet, an asset that the macro environment is screaming at everyone that it should be priced multiples higher and yet every month at the same time it is suppressed. Every month more physical gets absorbed into strong hands and every month they run the gauntlet of a large entity just absorbing the entire physical market at the discounted price.
Stack on apes the end game is near.
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2022.01.28 20:24 AutoNewspaperAdmin [National] - China: UN council should try to avoid civil war on Myanmar | ABC

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2022.01.28 20:24 treeguy201 Happy Anniversary All! Have a banana & dream big. Enjoy your weekend.

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2022.01.28 20:24 sugarfruit33 My ex-boyfriend nearly murdered me over my nose.

Y’know when you can tell a guy is struggling to keep eye contact with you, as if your cleavage has a gravitational pull? For my ex-boyfriend, it was my nose.
I never liked the idea of dating apps; they felt superficial and I couldn’t see myself getting to know somebody online. But I got tired of the faces around me and desperation soon set in, so I downloaded one.
At first I just found it fun to swipe on people, but then I came across a guy that caught my eye. Short, fluffy brown hair, round glasses and a soft smile had my attention. We’ll call him Danny.
Danny was close to my age, only about a year or two older and we had similar interests. His bio had some cheesy hook line, something like “I’m looking for my dream girl, could that be you?” Most girls would have dry-heaved and swiped left but I found it stupidly charming, so I swiped right.
I thought I’d be ignored or have to wait to see if he swiped back, but it immediately said we matched. And then suddenly he was typing; it was all happening so fast.
From there, it was wincing small talk that I won’t drag you through, but we eventually broke the ice and really got into a flow of conversation. He was so passionate about the things he loved, it warmed my heart.
“I’d love to talk to you more about it, but maybe we could save the rest of this conversation for a date? Do you like coffee?” He asked.
I was stunned for a moment, as if getting asked out on a date on a dating app was shocking. But I didn’t want it to end, so I agreed and we planned to meet up at this coffee shop. For once, I was feeling optimistic about my dating life.
When I got to the coffee shop, I realized I got there before him. I was on time, so I hoped he was just running late. I bit my lip and tapped the table as I anxiously waited, the growing worry of being stood up growing inside me.
But that was quickly squashed as I heard the bell above the door ring. I turned and saw him walk in, his gaze scanning the room. His brows raised a bit when I caught his eye, a soft smile on his face. I smiled back, watching as he approached.
“I am so sorry I’m late, my cat fucking puked on my rug. Of all places!”
“No, don’t worry about it,” I chuckled. “Is it ok?”
“Yeah, I think he just ate something off the floor. But enough about that… Hi,” he sighed with relief.
We kinda just smiled at each other for a moment, our eyes locked. Until I realized they weren’t; my eyes were on his, but he was staring at my… nose?
“... Do you want me to go up and order, or-”
“No, no, you stay here. I’ll be right back.”
I began digging through my purse before he left.
“I should have exact cash.”
“I’ll pay, don’t worry about it.”
I looked up at him.
“No, please, let me pay for my drink.”
“I’m serious, it’s ok! Let me treat you.”
In this moment, I could hear my friends screaming “LET SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING FUCKING NICE FOR YOU,” so I set my pride aside.
“Thank you,” I smiled warmly.
“Don’t sweat it. What do you want?” he smirked back.
He practically needed to write down my order on a scroll, it's ridiculously long. I know it had only been about 5 minutes, but it already felt too good to be true.
My dating history wasn’t pretty, so my brain treated this like a marriage proposal. Avoiding embarrassment, I shook the yearning look off my face as he walked back.
“Here’s your… concoction,” he teased.
“And what did you get?”
“I like it black.”
My face scrunched in disgust.
“It’s so bitter!”
“It’s natural!”
“Sure,” I chuckled.
We sipped our coffees as we continued our conversation from last time, as promised. But when I was talking, I caught him doing it again; he was ogling my nose.
For some backstory, it was broken and never properly fixed so I have a bit of a bump, but it just looks like I have a genetically bumpy nose bridge, and it’s nothing special to be stared at for minutes on end.
“... Do I have a booger or something?”
His brows raised, blood rushing to his face.
“Oh- I’m- I’m sorry I didn’t mean to- It’s just noticeable-... I’m fucking this up so badly, aren’t I?”
“Not enough that I can’t try and save it…” I mumbled to myself.
“I’m sorry…”
“It’s… It’s fine. It’s a bit of a story actually.”
He raised a curious brow.
“I was about… six or seven years old, I think? I was roughhousing in the pool with my cousin, and he got out, jumped on top of me and pretty much demolished my face. My nose was bleeding like a faucet.”
“Damn, must’ve hurt like a bitch.”
“It felt like a broken bone, that’s for sure,” I giggled, sipping my coffee.
“Well, I think it’s cute.”
I smiled with a bit of recoil in my expression.
“... Thanks.”
I didn’t understand why my nose was such a hot topic of conversation, so I quickly moved past it. We got back on track, talking even after our drinks were long empty. Suddenly, he quickly glanced at his watch and then looked back up at me.
“I would love to stay here until this place closes, but my cat will eat my couch apart if I’m gone for this long.”
“That’s ok, we had a good time… I think so, at least,” I smiled warmly.
“I do, too. Would you like to have another good time sometime soon? Maybe a restaurant?”
“Yeah, I’d love that.”
“I’m sick of these apps, what’s your number?”
I pulled a pen I stole from a bank out of my purse and jotted it down on a cafe napkin. I then handed it to him with a smile.
“I’ll text you when I get back.”
I nodded, standing up to hug him goodbye.
“Again, thank you for the coffee.”
“Like I said, don’t sweat it,” he blushed.
I watched as he walked out the door, my eyes locked on him till he disappeared in the distance. When I got home, I dropped back first onto my bed, my heart fluttering like I was a school girl in love. I felt stupid for falling so fast, but it was the best first date of my life. The nose thing was still on my mind, but my yearning brain shoved it aside. It was odd, but it wasn’t that serious to me at the time.
We went on another date, then another, then another, then I was sleeping overnight in his bed, and then about a month later, he was mine and I was his. I hate to be one of those sappy, insufferable couples but it was hard not to be; it felt like heaven with him. I didn’t care if it was too good to be true, I’d take a lifetime of heartbreak for a minute of this feeling.
After the honeymoon phase wilted like a flower, it didn’t take long for the glass to crack a bit. Nothing that was worth breaking up over, but things you learn that make you realize how much you don’t know somebody until you really know them.
One morning, we woke up facing each other, soft smiles stretching on our faces as we first saw each other through blurry vision. Until I realized that, once again, he wasn’t looking at me, he was looking at my fucking nose. My smile quickly fell as I glanced away uncomfortably, as he began looking me in the eye with concern.
“What? Is everything okay?”
“Why do you look at me like that?”
“What? Like what?”
“My nose. I get I look like a fucking witch because of it but you don’t need to make it more obvious. Sorry that it’s so distracting…”
“What- No, no, I wasn’t- I didn’t mean to.”
“Danny, this isn’t the first time. Just tell me if it's a turn off or something.”
“It’s not! I just… have a thing for flaws, I like looking at it.
“... Was that supposed to be a compliment?” I laughed in disbelief.
“Yes, I’m serious.”
“So am I.”
I threw off the blanket and quickly got dressed.
“Babe, wait…”
“Are you talking to me or my nose? ‘Cus she’s leaving, too.”
“Please, come back to bed.”
“I have shit to do.”
“No, you don’t.”
I whipped around with daggers in my eyes.
“Why are you being so fucking weird?”
“I’m not!”
“Yes, you are. Look, I’m not judging you for any… interests, but I’m allowed to be uncomfortable with them if it has to do with me. So cut it out before I cut this off.”
My words instilled fear in his eyes, although I knew they were nearly hollow. I wasn’t going to break up with him, but I wasn’t letting myself be treated the way I had in the past. I didn’t let his frown and puppy dog eyes hook me back into bed as I crammed my shoes on and left. That night, I vented to a friend about it.
“He wants to, like, fuck my nose or something.”
“Ew,” she chuckled with a scrunched face, brushing her mascara wand against her lash.
“Everything else has been amazing, though. It’s just… that.”
“Have you spoken to him about it?”
“Kinda. It was more of a fight.”
She sucked in air through her bared teeth.
“I hope he knows I’ll whoop his ass.”
I chuckled.
“But seriously, he sounds like a great guy, just set some boundaries. Let him know he can’t cum in your nose while you sneeze or something.”
“Thanks for that image, Jess,” I recoiled with a cringed smile.
“WAIT A FUCKING MINUTE!” She turned around and screamed. “Sorry, Mark is honking like a maniac.”
“It’s ok, don’t let me hold you up.”
She puckered her lips, checking her makeup before standing up with her phone.
“Alright, gotta run. Love you.”
“Love you, and thanks.”
“Of course, any time. Bye!”
I dropped my phone on my lap and sighed deeply as I dazed off. This… kink of his wasn’t a dealbreaker, but I needed to cross a line. Later that night, I rang his doorbell, planning what to say in my head as I waited at the door. His eyes widened a bit when he opened it, his tongue tied for a moment.
“Hey,” I squeezed out.
“Can we talk?”
“... Y-Yeah, yeah. Come in.”
I awkwardly stepped inside, my eyes darting towards the faded puke stain on the rug. I pursed my lips and swallowed roughly before I turned to him.
“I… I love you, and I need you to respect my boundaries. I’m not trying to shame you for anything, but it’s just not my thing, okay?”
“Why are you making me out to be some fetishist? Am I not allowed to appreciate every part of you?”
“It’s not really every part of me when it’s just my nose! You don’t even look me in the fucking eye most of the time! I’m sorry, but it’s weird! It’s fucking weird!”
“Look, if you’re insecure-”
“Don’t. This isn't about that. I’m asking such a simple fucking request and you’re fighting with me!”
“Because it’s so stupid!”
That question caught his tongue as he stuttered for a moment.
“... Ok, I’ll stop. I promise, I’ll stop.”
He walked over and cupped my beating red face, kissing me on the forehead.
“And I love you, too,” he smiled weakly as he pulled away.
But he was doing it again, or at least trying not to. His eyes would shift and then he’d yank them back up. I just didn’t understand.
Looking back, maybe it was something so stupid to be that heated about, but I just wanted a guy to look at me for me. I had already been used before, even something as odd as being used for my nose was not something I was going to let happen to me. But being with him felt good, way more than it hurt.
So I let it go and trusted his word. And it worked, he stopped. For once, I felt like he was really looking at me. As time passed, things between us got more serious, to the point that I asked him to move in with me. He was ecstatic.
One day, when I was helping him pack, I made a… discovery.
“How about these… old mittens?”
“Toss!” He shouted from the other room.
He was cleaning out the bathroom as I dealt with his bedroom. As I dug through a drawer, I found a diary buried underneath. I’m not really a nosey person, no pun intended, but I felt like I had to do some digging, maybe find something embarrassing to tease him about. But when I opened it, each page flip only made me more unnerved.
“My Dream Girl” was written in cursive above a drawing of a woman. It was very detailed, yet fuzzy at the same time, like he couldn’t get it just right. When I flipped the page, it was another drawing of her; messier this time, though.
“Where did you go, Leah? Where can I find you? Other than in my wildest dreams?”
My brows furrowed as I flipped another page. This one was covered in multiple attempts at drawing facial features and limbs, scribbles all over the page.
“Why are you fading? I can’t see you. Why can’t I see you? I need to see you. I need to. Why did you leave? Come back, please.”
“Did you finish in there?!” He shouted
My head whipped towards the door, my throat knotted.
“Uh- Almost! Just… trying to make it all fit!”
“Do you need help?!”
“No! No, I’m good! Th-Thanks, though!”
I turned back to the diary, scanning the pages with my gaze. Then, I noticed the attempts at drawing a nose. It looked exactly like mine, and I mean to a T. Tears welled in my eyes as I realized I was a fucking rebound for whoever Leah was, and he was very clearly not over her and maybe even obsessed.
“Did you make it all fit?”
I nearly shrieked as he spoke from my doorway, my body jolting violently. I clapped the book shut before I could see anymore pages, before standing up and letting it dangle awkwardly in my hand.
“... Yeah,” I mumbled.
We stared at each other for a moment, one of the few times he looked me in the eye, except this time it was out of fear.
“Whatcha got there?” He asked anxiously.
“I just… found it while cleaning, I- I didn’t mean to be invasive.”
“... Did you look at it?”
For the first time in my entire relationship, I was scared of him, scared of what he could do to me. I couldn’t tell if honesty would get me killed or lying would get me killed.
“... Yeah. And I’m sorry, I… shouldn’t have.”
“... What’d you see?”
Suddenly, anger boiled inside me.
“I saw the girl that I’m fucking rebounding for, actually. Leah, right?”
I watched the color drain from his face.
“Cass… It’s not like that.”
“Then what’s it like, Danny? Tell me, please! Do I remind you of her? Did my stupid fucking broken nose make you feel at home? I knew there was something weird about it, about you!”
“It’s. Not. Like. That!” He hissed through his teeth.
“Then fucking explain yourself! You just… kept drawing her! Her and her features are everywhere! You’re… obsessed! Why’d you date me if you’re this hooked on somebody else?!”
“Because… B-Because…”
“Y’know what? Save it. I’m done…”
He quickly stepped towards me as I tried to walk out.
“Please, you can’t leave! Please! I- I love you! I need you! I need you!” He pleaded as he grabbed my arm.
“Just shut up and let me go! Stop making this harder than it needs to be!”
My fear grew as his grip got tighter; he refused to let me go.
Tears welled in his eyes as I froze for a moment, our eyes locked. Until I realized, they were once again not, and he was staring at my nose.
“What the fuck is wrong with you…? Who are you…?”
“Danny… Let me go…”
“Danny… please… let go.”
His grip somehow got even tighter as tears streamed down his face, so I rushed forward and kneed him in the crotch. His grip instantly loosened as his eyes crossed, falling to the ground as he groaned in pain.
Before he could catch up, I ran as fast as I could. Adrenaline carried me at lightning speed, the wind drying the flowing tears against my face. When I got home, I quickly locked the door behind me and collapsed onto my bed, letting out trembling wails. Why me? I felt. Why did I need to fall in love with a fucking weirdo?
I spent the next few days cooped up in my apartment, hearing nothing from him since that night. I felt stupid for falling so hard so fast, but it was so good… until it wasn’t.
I tried to shed the skin that he touched, get him off my mind. But I just couldn’t believe it, I never got to hear it from the horse's mouth. But that was his choice, he refused to tell me.
I was also shocked that he wasn’t blowing my phone up, maybe he realized how scary he actually was, or he thought I was gonna crawl back. I couldn’t say I wouldn’t have.
One night, I opened the dating app we met on and read our conversations. Over and over again, I could hear him saying everything, a tear streaming down my cheek as I read it.
Eventually, I decided to block him, a spark of regret igniting within me as the chat log vanished. I sighed deeply and wiped my tears.
Fuck him, I thought.
I decided to quit whimpering about him and put myself back out there. I was done with serious relationships, but flings couldn’t hurt. So after blocking him, I began swiping, pretty much just swiping right on everyone to see if they could give me the validation I didn’t want to admit I desired.
After going through a few profiles, one of them caught my eye, and I froze when I realized; it was him, how could it be him? Then, I noticed something else. “Will,” read the name on his profile. But it was him, I knew it was him. Same age, same interest, and the same bio.
“I’m looking for my dream girl, could that be you?”
My brows furrowed as I read it, continuously looking over the entire profile to make sense of it. It had to be a catfish or something, why would he make an identical account with a different name? I shouldn’t have cared as much as I did, but I needed to prove it. I needed to know he did really love me.
So I quickly scavenged the internet for a picture of a girl with a nose like mine, soon finding one from some Instagram account. I signed up for a new account and added multiple pictures of her. Then, to really test it, I wrote a polar opposite list of interests to his, things that I know would turn him off, snickering as I typed “not a cat person.”
When everything else was finished, all I needed was a name. I pondered for a moment, my finger hovering over the keyboard, until I felt a lightbulb illuminate above my head.
After the account was finished, I quickly began swiping. Soon enough, I found him. I took a deep breath before swiping right, and was instantly hit with a “You Matched” animation. I scoffed in disbelief.
“Hey!” He messaged.
I turned off my phone, slamming it face down as I held back tears. I regretted it so much, but I was also glad I knew. He was just looking for her in new faces. But I still wondered, why her nose? Such an odd feature to fixate on.
Whatever it was, I couldn’t care anymore. He clearly didn’t love me; No point in wasting any more energy on him. I deleted the account and the app, too. Until I cried myself to sleep that night, it was the fifth in a row. I felt so stupid but I couldn’t help it. Trying to sleep meant thinking and all I could think about was him.
Suddenly, in the middle of the night, I shot up at the sound of a creaking door. I blinked rapidly, my sight coated by the pitch black darkness. I quickly felt around my room for the lamp switch.
When the chain brushed against my hand, I yanked it, and as it illuminated the room, it revealed an all-black clothed man standing in my bedroom doorway. My eyes bulged open as I shrieked in terror. I attempted to throw myself off the bed but he dashed towards me and pounced.
I thrashed around as he attempted to pin me down. I tore at his ski mask but was unsuccessful at tearing it off. He clamped my mouth with a wet cloth, my screams taking in deep inhales of whatever soaked it.
Suddenly, my fighting limbs slowed to a stop, dropping next to me as my vision blurred. As I faded into unconsciousness, I looked into his eyes, and that’s all I needed to know. Those were his eyes, the ones that never looked back. And even now, I they still didn’t.
Pounding ricocheted around my skull as I felt myself regain consciousness. My eyes slowly opened, my vision blurry as my heavy head hung. I blinked slowly, looking around in a daze. I found myself duct taped to a chair as I wriggled my arms and legs. But there was no use, it was too tight. Reality quickly set in, panic following immediately after.
“HELP! HELP ME! PLEASE!” My pleas echoed throughout what appeared to be some cold, abandoned basement.
Then, my eyes darted towards the staircase a few feet from me as a door at the top opened.
“Oh, good! You’re awake! And don’t bother, nobody can hear you.”
I followed Danny with my gaze as he walked towards a table at the other side of the room.
“Why…” I sobbed, dropping my head. “What do you want?!”
“You know what I want, you always have,” he said as he jotted something down in that diary.
“But why?! Did you do this to Leah, too?! Are you feeling guilty or something?! You can cut my nose off, keep it as a fucking trophy, I don’t care! Just please don’t kill me!” I sobbed.
He let out a soft chuckle before closing the diary. I stared at him in confusion, tears streaming down my face. Then, he turned to me.
“I don’t need it, silly! Leah does!”
My puzzled glare pierced through him.
“... Wh-What? Is she here?”
“She is here! In this very room!”
I glanced around the empty room; there was nothing but the table and the contents on it.
“I don’t- I don’t understand… ? Why are you doing this to me... ?”
“She’s… up here!
He pressed his fingertips against the sides of his temples with wide eyes, a dropped jaw and a smile. He looked absolutely manic.
“B-But soon, she’ll be here! With me! Where she belongs! She doesn’t belong trapped up here, Cass! Don’t you agree?!”
I slowly nodded out of fear for my life.
“I’ll never forget the first time that I met her, the first time I dreamed of her. She came down like an angel from above, perfectly imperfect. But as her tender lips reached for mine, I was cruelly woken up. I couldn’t let go of her, I needed her. And she’s almost here! Thanks to you, she will be here!”
Then, in that moment, it all clicked. Leah wasn’t real, she never was. She was literally his dream girl. But why take my nose? What was he going to gain?
“You’re fucking insane… Why are you telling me all of this?!”
The insane smile fell from his face as he turned to me with daggered eyes. I swallowed roughly as he glared at me.
“Because you won’t live to repeat it.”
“My nose doesn’t make me her. I’m not her and I never will be!”
He began maniacally laughing to himself.
“Way too assume you’re so fucking important! Who said I needed you?! Whatever… I’m done wasting my time.”
“Wait, wait, wait!” I pleaded as he walked over to the table and lifted up a bonesaw.
I trembled in fear as the yellow light reflected off of it.
“PLEASE! I DON’T WANNA DIE! PLEASE!” I screeched as tears poured.
I vigorously shook around as he kneeled in front of me.
‘Stop… fuckin’ moving!” He hissed, gripping my face and yanking it straight.
I squeezed my eyes shut as he pressed the blade around the side of my nose, attempting to find the right angle. Then, I opened my eyes, looking directly into his.
“If you’re going to kill me, look at me while you do.”
He ignored me as I distracted him.
He pulled back and backhanded me across the face. My cheek lit up in flames as he paced around the room.
I winced as he screamed in my face, his spit splashing against my stinging cheek.
“I’m not making this hard, you are! I know you can’t do it, you can’t fucking look at me and do it, you never could! You can’t tell me those months meant nothing to you, that I wasn’t more than just a piece of your delusion! Admit it! FUCKING ADMIT IT!”
He pounded his fist against his head as he broke out into a full blown tantrum. I couldn’t tell if I was about to break him or make him decapitate me instead. Then, he began storming up the stairs, the old wood bending beneath his pounding steps. I winced as he slammed the door behind him, his stampeding movements right above me.
I could hear him talking, rambling about something I couldn’t make out. But I didn’t have time to waste deciphering it, I needed to get the fuck out. I first attempted to break each cuff, but the force alone wasn’t enough, I needed something sharp.
Then, I had an idea. I leaned towards my left wrist, my muscles straining as I attempted to get my mouth to the tape. I held in groans as my body ached and begged me to stop, but it was my only chance. I opened my mouth and attempted to hook my bottom canine under the tape.
My eyes darted back and forth between the tape and the door as I prayed he’d stay up there to give me enough time. I choked down groans as I continuously plucked at the tape with my tooth. Then, after getting it just far enough, I tore away as hard as possible, leaving a tear in it.
A smile of hope stretched across my face as I quickly pulled back to regain strength before reaching down again. Then, I began using my front teeth to tear the gap open wider. I could only get it so far, and the rest relied on my own strength. I glanced at the door again, hearing him pace and ramble upstairs. After drawing a deep breath, I began lifting my wrist with all my might.
My skin turned white as the pressure blocked any blood flow, but it was working. Adrenaline coursed through me as the duct tape slowly split. I began drawing in rapid breaths as it finally snapped, laughing to myself in disbelief that it worked. Then, I quickly undid the other cuff, and then the tape around my ankles.
When I stood up, I nearly collapsed to the ground as my weak knees buckled beneath me. I needed to make as little noise as possible, so I slowly stood on my wobbling legs and tiptoed around. I checked the table, but there were no other surgical tools.
I was free, but I had no defense; I couldn’t rush a man with a bonesaw. I then considered pretending to still be trapped and catch him by surprise, but it was too risky. Time was ticking and I needed a plan.
Then, I looked over at the staircase; It was wooden, one of those that has gaps in between each step. Suddenly, I had a plan. I quickly made my way under the staircase, crouching in the dark. Mere minutes later, he finally opened the door. I raised my hands, my heart pounding in my ears as I attempted to control my breaths.
“Y’know, Cass, you almost got me-”
I could tell he realized I was gone. That’s when he began running down the steps, right into my trap. When his leg was in arms reach, I grabbed his ankle, causing him to trip and crash jaw first onto the staircase.
I quickly ran out from underneath, and before he could get up, I dropped my foot onto his head, blood spraying across the concrete floor as the step below him snapped in half.
I flew past him and up the stairs, nearly tripping over my own two feet. I threw the door open and slammed it behind me, locking it with a shaking hand. My wide eyes darted around the room; it seemed to be an abandoned house. As I ran around in search for the exit, I entered what appeared to be what was once a kitchen. It was then that I realized who he was talking to and what his plan really was.
I glared in horror at the body that laid across a rotting dinner table. It was Leah, or what was going to be her. Rotting severed arms, legs, hands and a head were sewn to a grey torso. Her head and face was everything he had drawn; her lips, hair, eyes and ears were all sewn and stapled on. The only thing missing was a nose. Then, the terror truly set in: I was the final puzzle piece to this Frankenstein's monster. Suddenly, I jolted as he began banging against the basement door.
“CASSIE! PLEASE! I NEED HER! I NEED HER!” He cried as he gargled on blood and broken teeth.
I continued running around the house, soon finding a doorless exit. As I ran out, I found myself in the middle of the woods; I could’ve been miles upon miles away and I wouldn’t even know it.
Before he could find a way out of the basement, I began running for my life through the woods. I didn’t know where I was going, but I hoped to find a road if I just kept running straight.
I stumbled over the rocky terrain as I barely carried myself through the dizzying forest. Eventually I stumbled out onto a road, my skin torn to ribbons from branches and rocks. My heart and lungs were ignited as I collapsed onto the pavement, my breaths slowing. My eyelids grew heavy as I spotted an approaching car in the distance.
“Help me… Help me…” I mumbled, but in my head my screams were as loud as sirens.
As it got closer, they quickly halted to a stop and hopped out of the car.
“Are you okay?!” The man asked.
My lips parted to speak but nothing could come out. He quickly lifted me up and draped me across the backseats of the car. As I laid, I slipped into unconsciousness. Soon after, I woke up and found myself in a hospital. It didn’t take long for the memories to rush back to me, but I stretched a weak smile as I realized I escaped, I won.
I wasn’t very injured, just malnourished and overexerted, so I was out within a day. The first thing I did was report to the police, and I told them everything; about dating him, his obsession with my nose, the diary, Leah, the kidnapping, the house and… the body.
After searching through the woods, they found everything. He escaped through the woods but only made it far enough to a sleazy motel. After his arrest, he practically spilled his guts and was tied to over a dozen murders where he decapitated girls’ limbs, sliced off facial features and harvested organs. All of it to recreate a woman he saw in his dreams. Analyzation of his diary revealed his plans to attempt to bring Leah to life using some sort of black magic.
After further investigation, the one major tie between them was that they had all spoken to him on dating apps, but he was under different aliases. Testifying in court broke me; he couldn’t look me in the eye, but I couldn’t either. I still couldn’t believe that this was really him, that he’d do this to me.
When I was finally able to have a day at home without police questioning and court testimonies, I invited Jess over to keep me company.
“Jesus Christ, Cass. That’s fucking insane, I’m so sorry…”
“At least it’s a story to tell,” I chuckled weakly.
She pulled me close as I rested my head on her shoulder.
“So… Any life-or-death epiphanies come to you?” She attempted to lighten the mood.
“... I think I’m gonna get a nose job.”
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So close to my first ever flawless win
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Yesterday I did a poll for everyone’s least favorite y&p mom so I thought this one will be interesting. I only put the current girls as you can’t do more than 6 options.
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2022.01.28 20:24 Knives814 [5e][PAID 15$ per session][Monday][7PM EST] Descent into Avernus

Descent into Avernus Elturel is gone. Refugees have been pouring into Baldur's gate, and a prominent family within the city has been implicated in these strange events. A group of unlikely adventurers have banded together to descend into the first layer of the nine hells to uncover the mystery, and see if they can't put things right. Do you have what it takes to brave Avernus and leave your mark on the world?
A member of our group is no longer able to play, so we're looking for a fifth to bring the party back up to full strength. Group is level 8, are currently in Avernus, and consists of a Bladesinger Wizard, Cleric, Artificer, and Paladin. All officially published books from WoTC are on the table for character creation.
If you're interested in joining, please reply below with the following:
Name/Nickname: Age: D&D Experience (No experience is fine): Character you'd like to play:
Why Pay to Play? DM'ing is a time-consuming process, and I personally put a lot of work into it. For every 3-4 hour session I spend as much, and often much more, time preparing. It's a daunting process to do solely as a hobby. Financial compensation helps me to justify the amount of time I spend prepping and running the game, and keeps me motivated to offer you the best experience possible. A paid game also has the added benefit of helping to keep the players invested and paying attention while at our virtual tabletop.

if you are interested, you can message me directly or go to the roll20 page here: https://app.roll20.net/lfg/listing/282997/descent-into-avernus
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I am going to upgrade to a custom built pc and I would like an appraisal on my current laptop.
It is a Dell Latitude E6330, here are the specs: SSD 16GB of ram 2.5ghz processor with a turbo speed of 3.6ghz I don't have a graphics card but the cpu supports my computer with Intel hd 4000 130 GB of space
The ram is new, it was 4GB in total but I upgraded it to its Max which is 16GB.
If anyone could help me price this, it would be great.
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